A Clean Slate

Moving day came and went—my fourth move in two and a half years!—and now I’m steadily building a nest, twig by twig, in Chicago’s lakeside Edgewater neighborhood. I still look around slack-jawed on a daily basis, unable to believe that all this high-ceilinged glory is mine. I don’t have nearly enough stuff to fill up the myriad closets and cabinets (three cheers for storage space!) and highly doubt that I ever will, given my minimalist tendencies. And while half of my belongings have yet to be unpacked, and the walls need a fresh coat of paint—Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine, if you were wondering—I already feel quite at home.

Want to take a look around?

I’ll lead you around from front to back. Above is the dining nook, with its big south-facing windows.

Directly in back of the dining area is the living room and kitchen. I’m sort of in love with that peninsula.

Here’s a better look at the kitchen, as you walk through the central hallway…

…and here’s a view of the hallway, looking toward the back deck.

Off this central hallway is the bathroom, which holds a walk-in linen closet (this concept is awesome, but very foreign, to me). Here, we’re looking from the bathroom back into the hallway.

One room past the bathroom is the bedroom, with its own walk-in closet. Seriously, I don’t own nearly enough clothing to make this necessary, but I’m not complaining.

And finally, in the very back, is the deck. That is not my table, unfortunately, but I’m hoping that if I get in good with the neighbors, I might obtain sitting rights. Here’s hoping.

So, then. I’ve lucked out: there’s room to grow here, and Koko has a million closet shelves for her jumping, nestling and napping purposes. This new chapter is actually beginning now, and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome it with open arms!