A Ninetieth Birthday Fête | Toledo, Ohio

There was a moment at my grandmother’s recent ninetieth birthday party, as I looked around the ballroom full of laughing people, when I realized that my grandparents were more popular than I was. And you know what? That’s pretty damn cool.

My grandmother, who’s been described as “feisty” and has a serious penchant for biographies, is much deserving of this kind of celebration. I still remember my first days as a college graduate living in Virginia, when we would exchange postcards and she would regale me with stories of her days as a young woman in Charlottesville. My grandfather, just a couple months shy of ninety himself, has always been unfailingly encouraging of my photography, sending words of praise along regularly from two states away, and always making me feel like this little hobby of mine is worth pursuing. I was honored when they asked if I’d document this evening, and even more so as the day came and guests started streaming in, huge smiles adorning their faces.

There was just so much joy to be captured that night. But why take my word for it? See for yourself.

Camera: Mamiya 645AF
Film: Ilford Delta 3200

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