About Me

Hi, there; I’m Maddie. It’s nice to meet you!
Since 2009, I’ve been weaving words and images together into the personal narratives you’ve found here at Capsule Storytelling.
So, why Capsule? It’s a term with applications in a few different worlds. In the time capsules of our childhood, we stored bits and pieces representative of our day-to-day lives, hoping to create a connection across the arc of time—whether with an older version of ourselves, or with the friendly stranger who stumbled upon them.
The word is used in other contexts, too: when you’re sick, a capsule neatly encloses a dose of good medicine; in the world of fashion, a capsule collection is thoughtfully edited, with every garment included for a specific purpose. Fundamentally, to encapsulate something is to capture its most essential parts. And that’s how I want to approach my storytelling: with every piece of the narrative playing a meaningful role. This is where I hold my stories for safekeeping; it’s my own little time capsule.
A few other things about me: I’m a ginger, INFJ, Kodak film shooter, and lifelong runner, born and raised in Chicago but now residing in Seattle. I’m always planning my next trip, singing along off-key to the music in my head, and undertaking unnecessarily stressful cooking projects.
I’d love to hear from you! Reach out to me via email at: maddie (at) capsulestorytelling (dot) com.

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