Life, Lately

Life, Lately

What I've been up to

Quaratining at home, like many of you! My husband and I are very lucky: our jobs were partially and completely remote, respectively,  before the coronavirus pandemic hit. In another stroke of luck, we'd just moved out of our extremely tiny studio apartment in Seattle last fall, and into a place with more breathing room. So we're paying our good fortune forward, supporting Tacoma's small businesses and nonprofits as best we can. (Aaand staying politically active.)

Current commitments:
  • My work at Flow Financial Planning, where we primarily serve early- to mid-career women in the tech industry. I represent one-third of our small but mighty team!
  • Kicking my stock-compensation knowledge into high gear. This is an issue of major importance for our clients, so my professional development will be focused here for the foreseeable future.
  • Taking a front-end web development course via General Assembly. Starting in September, I'll be getting schooled on HTML, CSS, and (gulp) JavaScript! This is something I've always wanted to do. If I'm stuck inside, may as well learn a few new languages, amirite?
Recent reads:
I'm open to...

...connecting with fellow financial planners! And if you're a millennial woman like me, especially one who's working for (or interested in working for) an XY Planning Network RIA, then 🎉 because we'll have that much more in common. You can reach me at

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