Carolina In My Mind | Raleigh-Durham, NC

In late May, I took a long weekend and flew to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Above all, the trip was about seeing my oldest and dearest friend Anna, a sage advisor and pixie fashion plate with a fantastically inappropriate sense of humor. (She also consistently beats the boys in road races…it’s kind of amazing.) She baked French lemon-yogurt cake for breakfast; that’s how we started each morning, along with gossip and multiple mugs of Counter Culture coffee.

We filled our days with food, drink, music, food, road trips, yoga, food, Carolinian landmarks, and food. We drove out into the country to the strains of Beach House and Real Estate on the stereo, getting lost and cold-calling U-Pick farmers along the way, then labored in the strawberry fields and baked incredible pie. We inhaled Asian-Southern fusion appetizers and seafood hot pot at can-we-really-afford-to-eat-here? Lantern. We lay on the grass and stared up into the branches of ancient trees at a concert on the lawn of the Carolina Inn, and marveled at the revitalized buildings of the American Tobacco Campus. For four days, all my big-city cares fell by the wayside.

We were so busy exploring the Research Triangle that I neglected to document each second of our visit on film—a hazard of being in good company, I guess. (Admittedly, I was also distracted by the call of vinegary shredded pork and crisp-melty hushpuppies.) Fortunately, that gives me one more reason to return, perhaps when the weather cools but the foliage is blazing—as if I needed one.

Camera: Mamiya 645AF
Film: Kodak Portra 400

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