Pie Day

It was the week before my wedding, and my logistical and emotional to-do lists weren’t getting any shorter. I was in the thick of managing vendor communications, delivery schedules, ceremony and reception timelines and packing lists when my dad had a sudden health scare that threatened to keep him from attending our wedding at all.

Grown in Detroit

A month after wandering the lofty halls of Eastern Market, it’s the people that I remember above the food, mouthwatering though it all was.

Growing Up | Root Vegetable Tarte Tatin

As blasphemous as it may sound, I love getting older. With each passing year, I’ve gained a better sense of who I am and what my place in the world is. Leaving my early twenties, though, has meant leaving behind a sense of endless possibility, as each choice I’ve made has narrowed my set of future options, one by one.

Upside Down, and Right Side Up

It feels good to have my own space again. My belongings are finally unpacked (well, most of them, anyway) and put away in closets, cabinets and atop shelves—a sure sign of permanence in a housing situation.

To Market, To Market

There’s a lot that changes when you move from one part of the country to another: geographical features, regional chain stores, and your neighbors’ accents (though I haven’t run into any of Bill Swerski’s Superfans quite yet).

Taking Care of Myself, With Soup

In conversations with all of you, dear readers, about moving and home-related stress (what can I say? It’s been on my mind since making this cross-country trek!), you all offered a wealth of different perspectives.

Building Blocks

In a recent act of reverence, I visited a synagogue. It was still Hanukkah, and I’d definitely say it was a spiritual event: Andrew Bird was playing at the 6th and I downtown.

Respite From the Chainsaws

Somehow, enough time has crept up on me that I’ve been able to establish two fall traditions as a resident of Virginia.

That Kind of Fall

I suppose it’s strange to be talking about tomatoes in late October, right? But then again, it’s strange to still be seeing tomatoes in late October.

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