Pie Day

It was the week before my wedding, and my logistical and emotional to-do lists weren’t getting any shorter. I was in the thick of managing vendor communications, delivery schedules, ceremony and reception timelines and packing lists when my dad had a sudden health scare that threatened to keep him from attending our wedding at all.

What’s In a Name?

On December 1st, 1981, my paternal grandfather Milton wrote an eighteen-page longhand letter to my cousin Jeremy.

Retracing Our Footsteps

I don’t have any memories from my first trip to Lake Louise; I must’ve been three or four years old at the time, whisked up to Alberta alongside my baby brother Jamie.

Love, and Lake O’Hara

For a place that would become the site of two huge milestones in our life together, Lake O’Hara was giving us a rough first impression.

Sea to Sky

For two years preceding our move to Seattle, all of our single-minded work was in service of reaching a simple goal: building a life together near the mountains.

This is Thirty

Our trip to Charleston was supposed to be a celebration. I turned thirty on November 28th, and since my birthday always coincidences with Thanksgiving travel, we’d planned an earlier getaway for November 12th to toast my soon-to-be new decade.

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