What’s In a Name?

On December 1st, 1981, my paternal grandfather Milton wrote an eighteen-page longhand letter to my cousin Jeremy.

A Clean Slate

Moving day came and went—my fourth move in two and a half years!—and now I’m steadily building a nest, twig by twig, in Chicago’s lakeside Edgewater neighborhood.

An Empty Nest, and Possibilities

A few weeks ago, a storm blew through the North Shore—the kind of storm that makes you feel unsafe to be driving, because of all the hundred-year-old trees that have started falling into the road.

Holding Pattern

I haven’t been writing for awhile, because to my mind, there hasn’t been much to write about. Here I am, back in that familiar land of childhood, and not much has changed about Wilmette—some shops close where new ones open, but the rhythms are always the same, and probably always will be.

When Every Day is Mother’s Day

I haven’t seen Failure to Launch, but I’m going to hazard a guess about how the film portrays Matthew McConaughey, whose character is thirtysomething and still living with his parents.

No Exercise In Stagnation

As I began my senior year of college—you know, when the only thought on anybody’s mind is “What’s next?”—I thought I had it all figured out.

Curl Up With a Good Book

I’ll admit, being a perfectionist can be a useful thing: my bills are always paid on time, I never miss a work deadline, and my meticulous measuring skills usually lead to successful batches of cookies and brownies.

Stir Crazy

After a couple of long weeks at work, I was thirsty for a stretch of time when I could sleep in, stare at the walls, and perhaps catch up on some of my favorite free-time activities—but no, who am I kidding, really just sleep in and stare at the walls.

Snow Daze

I may be fresh off the heels of buying a springtime plane ticket to sunny Los Angeles, but in a stroke of irony, the powers that be have decided to turn my Southern state into a snow globe.

Purr Bug

Visiting animal shelters can be dangerous.

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