Open House Chicago | The Plant and Palmisano Park

For the past three years, the Chicago Architecture Foundation has opened more than a hundred of the city’s most beautiful spaces to the public for the 48-hour Open House Chicago festival. It’s an invitation to discover something new about a city you may think you know all about, to gape at stunning architecture, or just to visit a new-to-you neighborhood.

We hadn’t spent much time in Bridgeport, so we chose two sites there on the Open House list: The Plant, a meatpacking facility turned closed-loop urban farm, and Palmisano Park, which began life as a prairie before being converted into a limestone quarry, and was transformed back into prairie after years as a landfill. I was thoroughly impressed by the thought and care that had gone into reimagining both spaces, and left inspired to attend Open House 2014 the following October.

If you make the trip to Bridgeport yourself, don’t miss savory pies and homemade sodas at Pleasant House Bakery, and either a beer at Maria’s or a caffeine jolt from Bridgeport Coffee. I can’t wait to get back and enjoy the rest of what Bridgeport has to offer!

Camera: Canonet QL17 GIII
Film: Kodak Portra 400

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