To Market, To Market

There’s a lot that changes when you move from one part of the country to another: geographical features, regional chain stores, and your neighbors’ accents (though I haven’t run into any of Bill Swerski’s Superfans quite yet). One thing I didn’t expect to change so drastically? The contents of the grocery stores. Recently, over tea …

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Making Sal Proud

No matter how many candles accumulate atop my birthday cake, I still find that nothing captures my imagination better than a really well-written, well-illustrated children’s book. A properly-told story captures the freedom and whimsy that came naturally to us as finger-painting, play-acting toddlers. There were seasonal favorites in my little-one library; I still get the …

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I’m not usually one to miss important milestones. But it seems that I graduated from college one year ago last May, and the entire month swept by without my recognizing the anniversary. In the grand scheme of things, how meaningful is this milestone, really? It’s not a day that we’re socially conditioned to remember, like …

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