Land of Stolen Vowels

Do you remember the end of the first season of Mad Men, when Don’s pitching an idea to the bigwigs at Kodak? He’s standing up by their Carousel slide projector, flipping through visions of his memories.

A View of Hvar, From Autumn

Summer is undeniably gone, having been swept away from Virginia over the course of a single rain-drenched week.

It’s Not a Fiasco

There was a point on the bus ride to Bosnia when the nose of our vehicle turned inland, and the now-familiar glasslike swath of the Adriatic was lost to a landlocked series of craggy mountains.

Dark Horse

It started out as one of the more unassuming days of the trip: awakening to a cloud cover over the city and the steady pattering of raindrops; falling into a jetlagged, three-hour nap immediately after filling my belly with breakfast pastries.

Italy in These Streets

From the outset, my hope for Split was that it would be a Croatian home away from home. Home, that is, in the sense that recalls a place of comfort and refuge—and I certainly got my wish.

Waking Up in America

Yesterday, I woke up in America, but I still felt blissfully empty. This was a lingering lightness, a holdover from vacation that I longed to hold onto: a clarity of mind, and a slackness of shoulder muscles free of worry.

Radio Silence

Hello, my name is Maddie, and I haven’t been on a vacation in two. years.

Home Away From Home

In a year that’s been rife with firsts, planning my first non-family vacation is one of the most exciting milestones.

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