Sea to Sky

For two years preceding our move to Seattle, all of our single-minded work was in service of reaching a simple goal: building a life together near the mountains.

A Clean Slate

Moving day came and went—my fourth move in two and a half years!—and now I’m steadily building a nest, twig by twig, in Chicago’s lakeside Edgewater neighborhood.

An Empty Nest, and Possibilities

A few weeks ago, a storm blew through the North Shore—the kind of storm that makes you feel unsafe to be driving, because of all the hundred-year-old trees that have started falling into the road.

When Every Day is Mother’s Day

I haven’t seen Failure to Launch, but I’m going to hazard a guess about how the film portrays Matthew McConaughey, whose character is thirtysomething and still living with his parents.

Waking Up in America

Yesterday, I woke up in America, but I still felt blissfully empty. This was a lingering lightness, a holdover from vacation that I longed to hold onto: a clarity of mind, and a slackness of shoulder muscles free of worry.

Yes We Can

Whether I was slinging bagels at Panera or entertaining kids as their full-time babysitter, I always considered my high-school self to be a solid employee.


I’m not usually one to miss important milestones. But it seems that I graduated from college one year ago last May, and the entire month swept by without my recognizing the anniversary.

Balancing Act

To me, balance is a word that should conjure feelings of calmness and safety, of natural order; it’s a word that indicates everything is in its proper place, neither in danger of tipping over nor upsetting the status quo.

Curl Up With a Good Book

I’ll admit, being a perfectionist can be a useful thing: my bills are always paid on time, I never miss a work deadline, and my meticulous measuring skills usually lead to successful batches of cookies and brownies.

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