A Moment of Silence

Virginia, I love you. Passionately. I’m reminded of that fact every time I visit Shenandoah National Park, especially when it’s autumn and the bright leaves almost have me convinced there’s a forest fire spreading across the valley.

Respite From the Chainsaws

Somehow, enough time has crept up on me that I’ve been able to establish two fall traditions as a resident of Virginia.

Feels Like Home

Nowadays, home is a word with an increasingly flexible definition.

Eat a Peach

On road trips, I’m decidedly not the navigator.

A Middleburg Night’s Dream

After much careful thought, and a particularly relaxing Saturday, I’ve decided that the theme of my summer should be “picnics and ponies.”

Never Hurts to Look

Why would one escape Northern Virginia to head for the Charlottesville hills, you ask? Well, for one, you could’ve seen Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings play this past weekend.

Nothing But the Water

I’m very picky about the temperature. I’m grumpy through the sizzling months of summer, require at least three layers before going sledding, and am a frequent complainer about overly air-conditioned offices no matter what the season.

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