36 Hours

Thirty-six hours is, admittedly, not much time, especially when we’re talking about time spent with a dear friend. But when you’ve been living in separate cities for a decade, you’re often resigned to catching up over the phone—an hour here, an hour there—or over one of those all-too-infrequent dinners when you’re both home visiting family. When you get the opportunity to spend thirty-six hours together, then, it feels like a total luxury.

At the end of October, I flew to Boston with the sole purpose of spending time with Anna. It was one of the best decisions I made all year.

It was pouring on the afternoon I arrived, so we scrapped our sightseeing plans in favor of relaxing at the Inman Oasis, grabbing takeout Indian and re-watching Bring It On (cue the nostalgia!). The next day was beautiful—chilly and gloriously sunny—so we drove up to Portland for all the bakery and brewery visits we could pack into one day.

As much fun as we had in Portland, though, that first rainy afternoon was my favorite of the trip. It’s all too rare that I get to spend a completely unscheduled day with one of my favorite faraway friends—which meant it was the best encouragement to start making it happen more often.

Camera: Mamiya 6
Film: Kodak Portra 400

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